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  • March 1,2018
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Abrillantador de Acero Inoxidable is a product designed to clean stainless steel surfaces, giving them their shine back and leaving them free of stains.

The product provides cleanliness and shine to all stainless Steel surfaces whether they are outdoors or indoors. It is very easy to use on large surfaces such as walls or tanks and in small details such as door handles or window frames. Removes stains and traces easily. Its formulation facilitates its application, leaving a pleasant touch in all surfaces cleaned with it. Provides a lasting shine to stainless Steel and protects it against dirt deposits and small rust bites. Indicated to clean bells, furnaces, tanks, machinery, doors, Windows etc. Do not apply on damps surfaces, dry before use. Do not apply on plastic surfaces. This product should only be used in surfaces with a metallic touch that are not varnished lacquered, painted with enamels or special coatings. In case of doubt, carry out a preliminary test in a non visible area.

Aspect: Liquid
Color: Light yellow
Densidad a 20ºC: 0,865 g/cc
pH: –
Solubilidad: Insoluble
Dosis: Pure

Manual: Apply a small amount of the pure product on an absorbent paper and rub with it the Surface until the product completely evaporates. If the Surface becomes oily due to excess of product, dry with absorbent paper.

Check the product safety data sheet. The raw materials used in this formulation meet the criteria of sustainable development promoted by the
“Charter Project for Sustainability”. The surfactants used in this formulation comply with the biodegradability criteria stipulated in Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 on detergents.