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Desinfectol Manos Gel is a product indicated to complete a total hygiene of the hands, disinfecting them without the need for subsequent rinsing. With bactericidal and viricidal activity against enveloped viruses. Registerd at A.E.M.P.S.: 680-DES.
Dermatologically tested and its formula is hypoallergenic, to ensure an effective and pleasant use at the same time. Leaves skin smooth and without irritation. Its ingredients give it softening properties and avoid irritation caused by the frequent use of chemical products. Especially indicated in those jobs in which there are frequent contacts with different people, businesses, work in residences, nurseries and hospitals and in general in any place where you want to take care of personal hygiene. It is applied after washing the hands for a complete disinfection. It can be used as an intermediate disinfection when changing jobs during the working day. It can be applied on the hands or on waterproof gloves, to disinfect them, due to its composition it evaporates quickly and completely without leaving a sticky sensation on the hands or on the gloves.

Aspect: Transparent liquid
Color: Transparent liquid
Odor: Characteristic
pH: 6
Dose: Pure

Manual: Apply 2mL directly on the hands (or gloves) and spread over the entire surface of the hands, palm
and fingers. Rub until complete evaporation.

It is recommended not to throw product residues down the drain.