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  • March 1,2018
  • https://abc.xyz

Solvent based product formulated to help removing self-adhesive paper labels from most surfaces.

Eliminador de Etiquetas is formulated with non-hazardous raw materials, making it a convenient product to apply by the final user. This product has a slow evaporation.
Designed for the removal and elimination of self-adhesive labels, adhesives and glues. Intended for all types of industries. Before applying on a Surface, check that said Surface is not affected.
The product can attack some plastics, therefore, it is recommended to make a previous test in a non visible place.

Aspect: Transparent liquid
Colour: Colourless
Solubility: 25 g/l of water at 20ºC
Dose: Pure

Spraying: Apply on the label to be removed. After a few minutes of contact time, the product penetrates the label and dissolves the adhesive. In this way the label can be easily removed from the surface.

Check the product safety data sheet.
The raw materials used in this formulation meet the criteria of sustainable development promoted by the “Charter Project for Sustainability”.
The surfactants used in this formulation comply with the biodegradability criteria stipulated in Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 on detergents.